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“The Hot Water Lobster seems the perfect solution to my problem of getting hot water from the water heater to a distant bathroom faucet, not requiring an electric pump or extensive piping... The installation is not difficult and the accompanying instructions are clear and easy to follow. The warrantee is superb. It’s a real winner.”  “Customer service response was excellent in both shipping and questions about product. Item arrived as predicted and is easy to install, and it worked.”
Best Damn Warranty In The Business!
We know that you're going to love the Lobster, so we give you A 30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! No questions asked.  No foolin'!  And it's proudly made in the USA!
We believe so strongly in the craftsmanship of the Hot Water Lobster, we give  you our 10 YEAR PARTS  and LABOR for REPAIR or REPLACEMENT of any defective valves!  You can't be more fair than that!
Finally: the AMAZING secret weapon that thousands of homeowners are using each day to enjoy HOT WATER FASTER and SAVE MONEY$$$!
So Simple, It's Foolproof!
Have you ever wondered why something as simple as sticky notes or Velcro wasn't thought of sooner?  These are ideas that improve your life from the first time you try them.  They do a specific job and do it well!  They are reliable, and fit right into your lifestyle.  Well, you can add The Hot Water Lobster to that same list!
Leona from Rye, NY wrote: “I purchased my lobster in November 2009. It is a fantastic product." Alex from Covington, LA wrote: “Just wanted to let you know we received the hot water lobster a couple of days ago it took literally minutes to install and has exceeded our expectations. Thanks!”  Marion from Ashcroft, BC, Canada wrote: “Just want to thank you for a wonderful little easily installed contraption, which has made my life a lot easier, the Hot Water Lobster…it works like a charm..."  “Great product! I reviewed several other products. Others required more complex installation, higher prices, and pumps that I believe will inevitably fail. The Hot Water Lobster works as advertised. Its great to have hot water in our second story bathrooms without having to wait!... My compliments to whomever invented the Hot Water Lobster... and VERY FAST delivery!”
"Aren't You Tired Of Always Waiting For The Water To Get Hot Before You Can Take A Shower, Or Wash Your Hands?  
The Hot Water Lobster Is Your Solution!"
How Does It Work?
The Hot Water Lobster senses when the hot water in the hot water pipe cools just enough to feel uncomfortable to you.  A valve in The Hot Water Lobster opens to save the cool water, and send it back for re-heating.  The new, hot water is brought up to the faucet or shower valve ready to use!  Best of all, the cool - once-hot water is sent through the cold water pipes, so the cold water pipes NEVER GET SO COLD THAT THEY WILL FREEZE...  ...AND THAT SAVES YOUR PIPES FROM FREEZING!  The benefit to you is that YOU AVOID FROZEN PIPES FOREVER!
What It Could Cost You If You Don't
Get Hot Water Lobster!
Broken water pipes from frozen pipes can typically rage from hundreds of dollars for the plumber alone - to thousands of dollars for damage done to your house!
Can you afford:
Dumping THOUSANDS OF GALLONS of water down the drain each year?
Thousands of dollars in unexpected home repair bills because of frozen pipes?
Missing work because you had to take care of family matters?
Moving into a hotel or worse - an in-laws house - while repair men fix your home?
Higher insurance rates because you filed a water damage claim?
Loss/damage to precious irreplaceable personal items because a frozen pipe burst?
Small Install.
Got an hour or so on a Saturday, and a few common hand tools?  You're ready to install some peace of mind for years to come!  Even if you just have some basic Fix-it knowledge, you're likely to be in-like-Flynn! Installing the Hot Water Lobster is an easy afternoon project.  Don't think you have the chops for the task, or just not interested in taking on the project?  No problem!  A qualified plumber will have the Hot Water Lobster installed before the ball game is ended!
This revolutionary device is helping homeowners just like you enjoy hot water at their shower and faucet within seconds of turning on the tap!
The Nuts And Bolts...
The Hot Water Lobster is a solid brass valve body coupled with an adjustable automatic mechanical temperature sensing Stainless Steel Valve Stem-all enclosed in a plastic box for easy mounting and installation.
Just mount the Hot Water Lobster under the sink or shower that is furthest from your hot water tank. That's all there is to it!  Your house, second home, cottage or mobile home is better protected 24/7/365 from the threat of freezing pipes.  You're protected ALL WINTER LONG with the Hot Water Lobster!
Saving Our Planet One Gallon At A Time!
Savings are coming your way when you buy the Hot Water Lobster! Everytime you turn on the hot water tap and wait for hot water to come out of the faucet, you are wasting precious water that is perfectly good and clean!  
When you install the Hot Water Lobster, you will be saving all of that water, because it will re re-cycled back into your water system thanks to our patented technology.  Not one drop of water is wasted, so you'll be saving gallons and gallons of water.  This added day-to-day water-saving will end up saving you BIG $$$$ over the course of time.  
A typical family wastes approximately 12,000 gallons of water annually *as determined by GAMA (Gas Appliance Manufactures Association) - waiting for hot water to reach their faucet!  That's money literally down-the-drain!
The planet will thank you as well when you install the Hot Water Lobster.  Saving water is an important step toward reducing each and every one of our carbon footprints.  We can no longer squander precious water, waiting for the water temperature to get 'just right'.
Goodbye Chilly... ...Hello HOT!
The Hot Water Lobster takes the inconvenience out of your morning showers, and reduces the wait time for hot water in the shower, or hot water at the faucet!  No more letting the water run and run until it gets luke warm, and eventually hot. All that time wasted - you're in a hurry!  Don't you have to be somewhere?  All that water wasted - that's money literally down the drain!  all that day and night so the water pipes don't freeze.  No more watching the weather report to see how low the temperature will drop.  Get on with your life! Get the Hot Water Lobster!
Temperatures Are On Their Way!
Frozen Pipes Are A Cold, Hard Fact!
You may not be thinking about it now, but in some areas of the world the weather gets mighty cold.  Temperatures drop way below freezing, and if your water pipes aren't insulated enough, they will freeze and break!
An added benefit for you is out built-in frost prevention feature.  The Hot Water Lobster avoids frozen pipes in the winter by recycling your day-to-day once-hot water, and sending it back to your water tank for re-heating!  
Since the luke-warm water in the pipe going back to the hot water tank is substantially warmer than the water coming out of the ground, your hot water tank doesn't have to work as hard to make the water hot again.  That saves you even more $$$$!
We know that you're going to love the Lobster, so we give you A 30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! No questions asked.  No foolin'!
We believe so strongly in the craftsmanship of the Hot Water Lobster, we give  you our 10 YEAR PARTS  and LABOR for REPAIR or REPLACEMENT of any defective valves!  You can't be more fair than that!
Introducing the ONLY water circulation product that doesn't need electricity to run - and has been 100% PROVEN to dramatically AIDE IN INCREASING HOT WATER in cold weather, and ALL YEAR LONG!
How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?
We automatically expedite all online credit card orders. When you purchase your Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve online using your credit card (through PayPals secure site), your order should arrive in 3-4 business days ready for your installation!
No Electricity? No Problem!
That's one of the beauty parts about Hot Water Lobster - you don't need an electrician to install it, because THE HOT WATER LOBSTER DOESN'T USE ANY ELECTRICITY!
That's right, no 110VAC, no 220VAC - none - zip - zilch - nada!  The Hot Water Lobster is all mechanical and designed to provide an electricity free solution to maintain hot water at the tap, and help prevent your pipes from freezing in dangerous weather.  This makes installation a snap because you don't need a professional electrician to install a new electrical circuit.  Other devices require the use of electricity and pumps that make installation difficult.  
If your electricity goes out in a winter storm, your pipes are still protected as long as your hot water tank remains on.  That's a claim only the Hot Water Lobster can make!
The Fine Print...
• The Hot Water Lobster is not recommended for houses with 'tankless' hot water systems.
• The Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve is intended to create an open loop within your hot water system.  Although the Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve can be installed anywhere in your plumbing system, for best results we recommend installing the unit at the end or close to the end of your plumbing run (at the fixture furthest from you hot water heater).  This allows other facets or showers along your hot waterlines (between your heater and the HWL) to also have faster hot water (by keeping the main hot-water-run hot).
Multiple units may be used if desired. In the event you have separate plumbing runs from your hot water tank; two or more units may be beneficial.
• Because the Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve is a do-it-yourself solution, most people will not need a plumber.  However, if you choose not to take on the project, there are many plumbers and handymen in your area that are available to do the installation for you. Please check with your local plumbing supply store or local hardware store for their recommendations of local installers.
• All HWL components used in the Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve Assembly meet the standard plumbing approvals of  “CSA”, “UL”, “ASNI” and “MEA”.  We are not aware of any code restrictions for the use of this type of valve.  Many communities promote the HWL for water conservation and energy savings.  However, it is always a good idea to check with your local community for any code restrictions.
• During a cycle, the cooled hot water returns to the hot water tank through the cold water pipes.  Therefore, the water in the cold water pipes (between the Hot Water Lobster Valve and the hot water tank) will be warmer. You will probably only notice the cold water periodically being warmer at the faucet where the HWL Valve is mounted.  Most of the time this warmer water is a benefit (washing dishes, laundry, hands and etc).
• The Hot Water Lobster works equally well with single handled faucets and double handled faucets, so you're good to go!
Here's everything you get:
• (1) Hot Water Lobster valve - pre-assembled in mounting box
• (4) - flexible water lines with brass fittings
• Easy installation instructions for a simple leak free installation!
• Our 30 day unconditional Money Back Guarantee
• A 10 Year Parts and Labor Repair or Replacement
Get Complete Peace Of Mind For A ONE-TIME Payment of only $179.95! plus S&H
On a personal note...  my wife and I lost many valuable personal items early in our marriage due to water damage.  Maybe the greatest loss was that of my wife's wedding dress that was hand-made - by my wife - from an authentic early American dress pattern.  It was satin and lace and a labor of love.  After the wedding, we had it cleaned and hermettically sealed to save it as a remembrance, and possibly give it to our kids (if we were to have any). Unfortunately, the custom-made dress was RUINED  because water damage stained the material!  This irreplaceable one-of-a-kind keepsake was destroyed forever!  
10 Reasons Why You Should
Buy The Hot Water Lobster NOW!
10 • Your mother and father will love you for it
9 • Your husband or wife will love you for it
8 • You will have a smaller carbon footprint
7 • This is something you've wanted to do for a long time...
6 • You may forget, and waste THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF WATER needlessly
5 • You will feel better because you are doing the right thing!
4 • It saves you $$ money $$ from the day you install the Hot Water Lobster
3 • It saves precious water
2 • It saves you time waiting for the water to get hot
1 • You will have a better quality of life !
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